About us

Paul Jalbert

General Manager:

Paul is a career certified welder who has worked in many settings over the last decade, including management. He can weld and fabricate almost anything imaginable. He takes great pride in both the quality and creativity of his work. His goal is to impress every customer that requests his services both in the shop and in the field. In addition to many awards, he holds the following degree and certifications.

  • Associates Degree 2014
  • SMAW (stick) 2012
  • GMAW- Steel and Aluminum (mig) 2013
  • FCAW (flux core) 2013
  • GTAW –Steel and Aluminum (tig) 2013
  • Oxy-Fuel 2012

Joe Burruss


Joe is an entrepreneur and investor who owns multiple businesses. He is a close friend of Paul’s and decided to finance a shop where Paul could achieve his true potential as a welder, fabricator, and manager. Joe runs the administrative side of the business and helps Paul when and where his qualifications allow. He is a firm believer in the highest level of customer service. Joe holds two degrees.

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 2008
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2010